Practising Silambam increases the ability to focus on mental and physical powers, it improves overall health and balance, as well as an improved sense of psychological well being. In few cases, Silambam training can be given as therapy for differently abled children / special children.
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Bukit Mertajam - Martial Art Class (1)

the benefits and advantages of practicing our Traditional Tamil Martial Art Silambam,

  • Practicing Silambam activates the left and right brain’s coordination, which helps many students to come out of their stress and helps them to understand better with more gain on motor skills. Silambam is a form of mindfulness promoting mental peace.

  • Students who practice Silambam as a Martial Art has increased concentration level which results in good academic progress.

  • To get good mental health and stability.

  • Practicing Silambam is helpful for self defense especially for women.

  • Learning Silambam will most certainly lead to a positive change in your life.

  • Practicing Silambam increases the person’s self confidence to the highest level.

  • To obtain self realization and uniqueness. Development in Immune system.

  • To gain knowledge and awareness about human Anatomy.

  • It enhances self esteem and improves flexibility of the body, creativity, concentration and patience level.

  • To realize our mind and body’s full capability.

  • Silambam as a sport, has special quota in sports. Students will get more opportunities and recognition through this sport.

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