TARA Foundation students get their eyes checked to ensure better academic performance and life quality

Practising Silambam increases the ability to focus on mental and physical powers, as it improves overall health and balance, as well as an the sense of psychological well being. In a few cases, Silambam training can be given as therapy for differently abled children or children with special needs.


  • Activation of the left and right brain’s coordination, which helps many students to come out of their stress and gain better understanding on  their motor skills.
  • Promotes mental peace.
  • increases concentration level which results in good academic progress.
  • Teaches self defense to women and children
  • Increases one’s  self confidence to the highest level.
  • To obtain self realization and uniqueness – development in Immune system.
  • To gain knowledge and awareness about human anatomy, as it enhances self esteem and improves flexibility of the body, generates creativity, concentration and patience level.
  • To realize our mind and body’s full capability.

The students currently involved with us come from families who barely have enough to make ends meet. Some of them have even told us that it would be a blessing for them to have two meals in a day. When that is the plight of students who belong to underprivileged families, the chances of them going for check-ups or health screening, is slim to none.


TARA Foundation intervened, by taking students in batches to get their eyes checked by local opticians. We were glad this step was taken, as it brought so many optical complications of students to light. Almost half of our students were either long-sighted, short-sighted or experiencing astigmatism. In other words, these students could barely see what was in front of them when walking, let alone the things teachers wrote on the white board at school.


After students were given spectacles to wear according to their optic power, students seemed to have bee doing better in school. They said their vision had improved, and now they are able to follow the lessons in school. This had also improved their understanding of what was being taught. When students’ needs are fulfilled, they become well-equipped to face challenges at every setting and stage of their growth. TARA’s purpose in intervening in students’ health is to give them a better chance in fighting for what they believe they deserve.

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