A Good Mother Feeds Her Children

Coming from underprivileged families, we provide a support system to enable them to achieve a success story that even we always dreamt about. Currently providing education to around 700 kids across 14 centers in Malaysia, we aim to extend our hand and help more children living in challenging environments by inspiring them to excel. By providing healthy food and clean water, emergency relieves and education opportunities, we are giving those in extreme poverty a chance at a better future, and showing them God’s love.

How does helping others impact your life?
It boosts your inner peace, self-esteem and happiness. It creates a meaningful bond with people. It brings a positive change in your life. It boosts your mood when your efforts of helping others produce transforming results.
Short Summary

TARA acts as a Mother to underprivileged students, by providing them with basic needs of food and education, in hope of lessening the family’s burden.

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