Stories bring facts to life, make the abstract concrete and, through meaning making, walk the listener through the mind of the scientist or mathematician (Ellis, 2005) to understand the value and application of such concepts. Wells (1986) argued that storytelling is a fundamental approach of meaning making. Community participation helps youth become empathetic citizens who could potentially continue similar work when they become adults. Additionally, youth who give back to their communities develop leadership skills, learn the importance of helping, and gain work experiences.

Benefits of storytelling in early childhood education includes :

  • Improved language skills
  • Heightened memory
  • Fosters imaginative, creative thinking and cognitive skills. …
  • Encourages enthusiasm for learning, writing and reading. …
  • Develops cultural and moral understanding.
  • Better communication skills
  • Increases curiosity and imagination. …
  • Emphasizes focus and social skills.

During the school holidays, students from Sunway University took the initiative to organize a series of enriching activities at TARA Foundation centers, aimed at fostering creativity, learning, and joy among the children. These diverse activities catered to various interests, ensuring that every child had the opportunity to participate and explore new avenues of fun and knowledge.

DIY Workshop:
One of the highlights of the holiday program was the DIY (Do It Yourself) workshop, where children were encouraged to unleash their creativity and innovation. Under the guidance of Sunway University students, the children engaged in hands-on activities such as crafting personalized photo frames and designing greeting cards.

PowerPoint Animations
In the digital age, proficiency in multimedia tools is increasingly valuable. Sunway University students organized PowerPoint animation sessions, introducing the children to the basics of creating dynamic presentations. Through interactive tutorials and practical exercises, the children learned how to incorporate animations, transitions, and graphics into their slideshows. This activity not only enhanced their technical skills but also encouraged effective communication and storytelling.

Arts & Crafts:
Art knows no bounds, and the Arts & Crafts session provided an outlet for the children to express themselves freely through colors, shapes, and textures. Guided by the Sunway University students, the children explored various art techniques such as painting, collage-making, and clay modeling.

Indoor Games:
Rain or shine, the spirit of play knows no bounds. The Indoor Games session provided a welcome respite from the mundane, offering the children a chance to engage in friendly competition and teamwork. From classic board games like Snakes and Ladders to exhilarating rounds of charades and scavenger hunts, the children reveled in the joy of camaraderie and shared laughter.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Sunway University students and TARA Foundation centers during the school holidays resulted in a vibrant tapestry of learning, creativity, and fun. Through a diverse range of activities including DIY workshops, PowerPoint animations, Arts & Crafts, and Indoor Games, the children were not only entertained but also enriched with new skills, experiences, and friendships.

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