TARA FOUNDATION – “Transforming Lives, Starting Young”

TARA, meaning “Star”, is a non-governmental organization since 2002. Like its name, it shines a bright future in uplifting the lives of underprivileged children and families.

  • Registered in 2002 and is 23 years young.
  • Started its journey initially by establishing a Shelter Home known as Tara Bhavan in Kampung Kasipillai, Jalan Ipoh.
    • It provided shelter, education, food, clothing and self developments programs like Computer Training and Sports for the Children.
  • Ran an outreach program whereby we adopted 50 Families in the B40 areas around Kuala Lumpur. These families, mostly economically challenged for various reasons, were provided with rations every month to ensure that the children of the families did not have to drop out of school at early age to start work to support the family.
  • Many of these children were being brought up by their equally poor and un-educated grandparents.
  • The focus of Tara Foundation has always been to provide education to the younger children.
  • In the year 2019 where we established our first “Gurukulam” or “Education Centre” inside the vicinity of the B40 area. These Education Centres (aka Gurukulams) have grown phenomenally to 21 Centres as as of May 2023.
  • Over the last 3 months, the growth has been at an average of 3 centres every month
  • We firmly believe in this 3 point principle as we continue to grow the Education Centres:
    • Focus on Early Education
    • Focus on the B40 Community.
    • We go to those who need us, not wait for them to come to us.
  • We organize tutoring classes as well as provide safe places for enrichment activities.
  • Children are brought on field trips to widen their perspectives on what is around them.
  • We provide a support system to enable them to achieve a success story
  • Currently providing education to over 800 kids across 21 centers in Malaysia, we aim to extend our hand and help more children living in challenging environments to be inspired and excel.


Education – We believe children are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, the importance of providing quality and critical early intervention is our priority.

Economic Empowerment  – When families are economically empowered, they have the skills to determine their own future and that of their children. Our findings show that a large percentage of people in the B40 community do not have the correct information or guidance to start small businesses. This stems from the fact that many of them have little or no education at all about economic empowerment.

Welfare – The welfare and well-being of the family to that children come from play a huge role in ensuring a child’s performance and productivity. Ensuring that there is food on the table for every meal is paramount.

Good Governance – We aim to unlock new opportunities in the coming years to improve performance and productivity, and become sustainable. With the adaption of good governance within the foundation, we are able to anticipate, prevent and adapt to risks that may threaten our ability to fulfill our social obligations effectively and with responsibility and compassion.

Advocacy  – Over the years, we have understood that it is not only about presenting the solution but first understanding the issue and thinking about the child’s needs. Many children do not have birth certificates, or identity cards. This makes it difficult to get enrolment in schools and then the web of poverty continues.

” Transforming Lives; Starting Young