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Tara Foundation’s core mission is to help every student, especially the underprivileged ones, to achieve academic success. Disadvantaged students from the lower economic strata have much fewer opportunities to do well in life and often, education may be the only way for them to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. Sadly, many of them face even more obstacles to academic success than their privileged peers.


Many B40 families struggle to pay for basic necessities, and cannot afford to spend much on education to help their children. Parents with higher incomes tend to spend MORE THAN TRIPLE on education for their children, compared to those with lower incomes. Children from wealthier families have greater access to resources. Less-educated parents with lower incomes spend lesser and place lesser emphasis on education as survival is the key goal. Help us level the playing field and end educational inequality.


How can we solve this problem together ?

 We set up “Gurukulams” (free daily tuition centers) right within the B40 clusters. Our concept is, “We go to the poor, instead of the poor coming to us”. We make sure all our centers are within walking distance ensuring ease of access for the B40 kids. We focus on “early intervention”, as we start with the kids as early as 6 years old. Our priority is giving them a very solid
foundation. At these centers, we provide daily free tuition classes, free daily lunch and tea, non academic activities like sports, education in human values, Yoga, excursions, etc.


How can you help?

We currently have 21 Gurukulams/Centres all over Malaysia, mostly adopted by well-wishers. We require about RM6,000 per month to run each centre targeted at poor underprivileged kids.


Can you or your organisation support us? All your contributions are tax deductible. Let’s come together to make a real difference.


Are you good at teaching and have a passion in helping children? If you feel you are eligible and can teach and handle children well, sign up at TARA and become our educator. Let’s shift gears and spend time focusing on others for a while. We need teachers who can stay optimistic and don’t put off doing what needs be done.


It’s easy to be tempted to think, “I’ll get to it later,” but in many cases, “later” never comes.

As a volunteer at TARA, it should be your priority to:

  • Make sure the students get some studying done at the gurukulam.
  • Prioritize students who are struggling with a particular topic
  • Give students a short break so that they can come back to studying with a clearer head
  • Assist students in reading according to their passing standards despite their age.


Additionally, we need teachers to assist the students in reading according to their passing standards despite their age. A 12-year-old student can only pass through Level 3 exams. Yes, we teach students according to their knowledge and groom them upwards. Find out which chapters Tara volunteers or the instructor plans to cover the next day, and make sure you’ve read  it before you go to class. Students will have a better understanding of the material and will be able to identify areas in which they require further clarification by asking questions. 


The early preparation of our students for quizzes and examinations is strongly encouraged. Students who have exams coming up should begin studying anywhere within three days to one week before the exam. Create a study schedule, divide their time up into sections, and ensure that they stick to the schedule. Do not put off studying until the night before the exam because cramming does not give the brain enough time to completely process the information.


TARA Foundation makes topical mind maps to assist students in their acquisition of new information. Students are able to remember new information better when it is placed in context through the use of mind maps, which help them make connections between new and previously learned information. When they are required to come up with ideas for significant projects, they will find that this exercise is especially helpful. In order to generate a mind map, we first write the topic in the middle of the page, then we add lines that go in a variety of directions. Finally, we write our ideas on top of the lines.

Interested in being a part of our family?

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