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Current Projects

Mission 2030 – ZERO DROPOUTS
RM350 per Tab

As the title suggests, this is a 10 year journey we are embarking on to ensure that by the year 2030, there will be no dropouts from HIgh School (after SPM) amongst our kids.

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Project Empower
RM850 per Laptop

Distribution of laptops to children coming from the B40 community to aid them with a device to support their journey on the online learning systems.

Support a Grocery Pack

Support a monthly GROCERY PACK to the families of Puspa, Sara, Raj & Kumar who are left jobless due to the Pandemic. RM150/- per pack per month per family.

Support a Visually Impaired Single Person

Support Mdm. Marima, who is visually impaired. She has been selling tissues along the streets which was her sole income. She has now lost her only income due to the Pandemic. Support Mdm. Marima to pay her rental, utility, food & household expenses for one year.

Support Our Youth

Youth & Sports Development Fund – aimed at nurturing and transforming lives of youth from B40 families. Sponsor football jerseys, shoes and other related expenses for our youth.